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Privacy Policy

GAK Technologies team is mindful about the privacy issues. Your privacy is our responsibility on the Internet world. Everyone is allowed to visit our site for the collection of information, learning, and to communicate with us for the placement of orders and for the judgment of our work even. You are the clients or our partners or just a visitor, you can visit our site in any way, and we are bound to keep your privacy on the moral basis. We don't require your personal information for visiting our website but we do keep record of the number of visitors as to measure the use of site and response of our business from the market and if you send your suggestions we do try to implement on positive suggestions.

Personal information is only required when you send an order or request for information, or want to apply for the jobs with us. But that information is not provided to anyone in any case.(It will be provided only to Govt. Authorities if asked for). GAK Technologies will keep the confirm privacy of the logos, text material, website design of our clients and at no cost we will provide it to any one. Solely you own it.