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Essential SSL Karachi

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Keep Your Website Data Secure With an SSL Certificate

Having an SSL Certificate on your domain helps improve the security of your website by encrypting all of the incoming and outgoing information, and is essential if you’re going to be processing payments directly on your website. Back in August 2014, Google announced that they would now be using HTTPS as a ranking signal, and pages which have HTTPS enabled will benefit from a minor boost in rankings. GAK Technologies one of most affordable SSL certificate provider to give your site the full benefit, you should enable site-wide HTTPS.

SSL Features

Positive SSL Wildcard Karachi

Comodo Positive SSL

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL Certificate which can be issues in minutes. It is a 256-bit encryption certificate and have great browser compatibility. It is the right choice for entry level websites.

Comodo Essential SSL

Comodo Essential SSL is a entry level SSL Certificate and it gives domain level validation. A yellow lock will appear into address bar if you using Comodo Essential SSL and it gives trust to customers that their data is being kept private & encrypted.

Comodo Instant SSL

Comodo Instant SSL Certificates are setup to secure websites at 128/256 bit encryption. This SSL Certificate provides professional security solution and requires Company Documents to issue. You will be required to verify your company, address, domain whois informatoin etc. 

Positive SSL Wildcard

Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL of industry. You can secure unlimited sub domains by using this one SSL Certificate. You will take only one IP so you can save your time and money and your whole website will be secure.

Comodo EV SSL

This will enable Green Bar in address bar with your domain name that means your website is at highest level of security and this means you passed business validation. You need to provide company documents, and will be required to pass domain validation.


Comodo SSL USS (DV) Certificates are best to protect multiple domains & sub domains by using one SSL certificate. For this SSL Certificate, you need to send your company documents and will be required the validity of domain.


We offer great variety of SSLs - domain validated, organization validated and extended validation certificates. With Site Seal, industry standard encryption and top notch support.

Comodo SSL Certificate GEO Trust SSL Rapid SSL Symantec SSL Certificate Thawate SSL Certificate


Name Brand Warranty Domains Supported Paperwork Green Bar Price
PositiveSSL Comodo Rs 1,000,000 Single No No Rs 2,000
EssentialSSL Comodo Rs 1,000,000 Single No No Rs 3,900
InstantSSL Comodo Rs 5,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 6,000
InstantSSL Pro Comodo Rs 10,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 8,500
PremiumSSL Comodo Rs 25,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 12,000
EV SSL Comodo Rs 175,000,000 Single Yes Yes Rs 14,900
EV SGC SSL Comodo Rs 175,000,000 Single Yes Yes Rs 22,600
RapidSSL RapidSSL Rs 1,000,000 Single No No Rs 2,400
True BusinessID GeoTrust Rs 125,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 14,400
True BusinessID with EV GeoTrust Rs 150,000,000 Single Yes Yes Rs 24,600
Thawte SSL123 Thawte Rs 50,000,000 Single No No Rs 6,000
Secure Site Symantec Rs 150,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 38,100
Secure Site with EV Symantec Rs 175,000,000 Single Yes Yes Rs 94,100
Secure Site Pro Symantec Rs 150,000,000 Single Yes No Rs 95,200
Secure Site Pro with EV Symantec Rs 175,000,000 Single Yes Yes Rs 131,200


Rapid and Comodo SSL Certificates

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